Third-Party Reproduction Care Center

When the path to parenthood involves third-party reproduction therapies, we can help. Our team of fertility professionals has extensive experience with the intricacies of third-party reproduction and understands the importance of protecting patients’ privacy.

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Why Choose VFP Pharmacy Group?

We could say that customer service sets us apart from other specialty fertility pharmacies but working with us isn’t just receiving a service—it’s also being part of a caring partnership that goes well beyond the dispensing of medications. When you choose our pharmacy for third-party reproduction patients, we provide the intended parents, donors, and gestational carrier the personal attention, motivation, and education they need to administer their medications properly.

Here to Answer Questions

A nurse or pharmacist is available to compassionately answer questions about receiving, storing, and administering fertility medications. For patients using third-party care services, we offer a direct phone line to a dedicated pharmacist, registered nurse, and patient care coordinator who will guide them through their medication treatment. Our educational videos help your patients prepare their medications and administer intramuscular and subcutaneous injections in the comfort of their own homes.

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Unique Challenges of Third-Party Reproduction

Fertility medicine today allows people who may have never had children in the past achieve the dream of parenthood. Often the journey is long and complex. Our skilled staff has the expertise and compassion to ensure you receive the care you deserve while you play this important role. Like any of our patients, we provide peace of mind by managing prescriptions and refills to help reduce costs, while ensuring that you always have the medication they need when you need it.

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