About Us

Patients and physicians have relied on VFP Pharmacy Group’s reliable and compassionate service for more than 30 years. We get medications to people when they need it, but also provide the support and compassion they need during treatment.

Our Story

VFP Pharmacy Group was created via the merger of four specialty pharmacies, Village Fertility Pharmacy in Boston, Village Fertility Pharmacy in Chicago, Integrity Rx Specialty Pharmacy in Phoenix, and Integrity Rx Specialty Pharmacy in Los Angeles. What our pharmacies have in common, and what we are focused on today, is serving our patients with care and precision. Working with us isn’t about receiving a service – it’s about being involved in a caring partnership that goes well beyond the purchase of medications.

With more than 30 years of experience in the fertility industry, our staff has a deep understanding of infertility treatments and assisted reproductive therapies. We offer services tailored to the unique needs of people taking fertility medications. We are here to answer any questions that may arise along your path to parenthood.

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Our Mission

VFP Pharmacy Group provides safe, quality pharmacy services, excellent customer service, and complete education to our patients in a cost-effective manner.

Our Team

VFP Pharmacy Group’s highly-skilled pharmacy and nursing staff are renowned for their knowledgeable and compassionate understanding of infertility patients’ unique needs and the complicated nature of their treatments, including third-party reproduction. From company leadership to patient care coordinators, everyone at VFP Pharmacy Group is focused on putting patients first.

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Richard Burkett
Chief Executive Officer
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Jon Weiner
Vice President of Sales
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Steven Petrosillo
Vice President of Operations
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Omogbemile Augustina Garrett
Director of Pharmacy Operations
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Hannah Lind
Director of Nursing Services
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Rebecca Lahue
Director of Human Resources
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Jodi Barry
Director of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management

Come Work With Us

We’re more than a specialty pharmacy. At VFP Pharmacy Group, we treat each other like family. Learn more about the great benefits and caring work environment we offer.

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