Patient Management Program

We believe that treatment is enhanced when patients and caregivers can
make informed decisions about their medication therapy.


VFP provides a Patient Management Program to those patients receiving specialty medications. These services help patients understand, manage and comply with their drug treatment. In addition, it provides assistance to those patients experiencing difficulty taking, obtaining or following their medication schedule.

VFP patient management services include the following:

  • Education and counseling with the Pharmacist, designed to enhance patient understanding and appropriate use of his/her medications
  • Information and resources designed to enhance patient compliance with specialty drug administration
  • Coordination of healthcare services, with providers, and other healthcare professionals participating in the patient’s care
  • Care planning to ensure treatment goals meet the patient’s needs and are shared among the patient’s providers

VFP believes that patients may gain the following potential health benefits by participating in the Patient Management Program:

  • Improved knowledge of medication use and administration
  • Improved medication compliance by creating an individualized plan for the patient to make sure medication is taken as prescribed
  • Improved ability to manage difficult side effects
  • Greater self-management of medications and medical condition
  • Improved coordination of healthcare services through the collaboration of your pharmacist, doctor and healthcare team
  • 24/7 accessibility to a pharmacist or other clinical person
  • Regular follow-up to assure your medications are being effective for you 

This program has limitations. These include:

  • Active patient participation in medication management is required
  • The patient must inform VFP of changes in medical condition and medication therapy


You will automatically receive these patient care services if you are taking a specialty medication. This service is offered free of charge to our patients.

You may opt out of this program at any time with our Patient Care Coordinators. Please let them know while setting up your order, or call your nearest location directly.

You will still have access to the following services:

  • Patient reassessment at refill
  • Patient education resources
  • Patient access to a nurse or pharmacist 24/7