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VFP Pharmacy Group is a specialty pharmacy with one focus—providing medications, excellent service, and compassionate care to patients undergoing fertility treatments. That means being available when you have questions, even after business hours, and a commitment to getting your medications to you on time. Each VFP Pharmacy Group patient is enrolled in our Patient Management Program and is provided extensive resources, including our Welcome Kit, that puts helpful information in your hands during your fertility treatment.

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“Calling to order prescriptions is so incredibly easy and painless. No wait time, such nice and helpful employees. Medication is always on time.” — Anna

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Need to refill your prescription? Simply text us, or give us a call. No refills left? Contact us, and we’ll work with your fertility clinic to get another prescription for your medication.

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Patient FAQs

If your medications are filled at Village Fertility Pharmacy and you need help after regular business hours, please call 877-334-1610.

If your medications were filled at an Integrity Rx pharmacy, please call 800-321-9956.

If your prescription insurance is through Progyny, please call 833-776-4969.

You can also text with our pharmacy team directly! Learn more and start texting us.

There are two determinants for infertility coverage. Some states have an insurance mandate that requires infertility coverage. The level of coverage dictated by this mandate varies from state to state. In addition, even in mandated states there may be exemptions to fertility coverage. Another determinant of your level of coverage is your employer. Two employers can both use the same health insurance carrier and can have virtually identical health insurance plans, but one employer may decline infertility coverage whereas the other employer carries infertility coverage.

If your fertility medications are not covered by your insurance, your insurance has a maximum limit, or you do not have insurance, please visit the “Self-Pay Options” page on this site to learn more about programs that can help reduce cash-paying customers’ out-of-pocket costs.

You or your physician may contact VFP Pharmacy Group to place a new medication order or refill your prescription. When we receive your medication order, we will contact you directly to arrange for the most convenient delivery.

We have instructional videos about handling medications and delivering both intramuscular and subcutaneous injections available on our website.

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