SART and ASRM Issue Advice for Infertility Patients Concerning the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 3, 2020  | Fertility in the News

Since word first began spreading about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), confusion has been one of the main constants. As researchers and scientists learn more about COVID-19, they’re feeling more confident in their recommendations to higher-risk populations, including pregnant people and people trying to get pregnant. You can find more information here.

Perhaps an unexpected result of COVID-19 was an increased focus on egg retrieval and preservation. A report from Boston’s WCVB featured interviews with patients who spoke about their experiences and physicians who confirmed that egg freezing procedures have increased by about 20% since the pandemic began. Common reasons for women making the decision to freeze their eggs included wanting to take control of their family planning—not trying to beat a clock—and general social isolation. Some women found their dating life halted, adding a delay to their plans of looking for a partner who they might want to start a family with. Others found that their relationship wasn’t as strong as they would have liked and decided to end the partnership rather than push forward to start a family. If you’re interested in freezing your eggs, be sure to do the research ahead of time to see if the financial and time commitments are right for you.