Insurance Support for Your Patients

Your patients can rest easy knowing that we provide complimentary insurance verification and accept most insurance plans. Our goal is to assist you in obtaining the maximum level of insurance coverage for your patient’s fertility medications.

Verifying Insurance Coverage

Some insurance companies require prior authorization for fertility medications. Others consider fertility medications to be covered under a patient’s medical benefit instead of the traditional pharmacy benefit. Our Insurance Specialists are here to help patients navigate the complexities of their insurance coverage and minimize out-of-pocket costs to the greatest extent possible.

Prior to beginning treatment, patients should verify both their medical and pharmacy benefits for infertility, so they are aware of the medication costs. Unfortunately, patients don’t always know what questions to ask. We aim to help new patients understand their coverage and empower them to advocate on their own behalf. We not only provide information about their coverage, but also sample questions to ask their insurance provider.

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Insurance Pre-Verification Program

Insurance coverage for fertility treatments can get complicated. Let us take some of the frustration off of your hands. Through our Insurance Pre-Verification Program, we can determine your coverage for fertility medications right when your prescription comes to us—and before you get the bill. If we get your insurance information prior to your prescription, we can investigate your coverage and report back to your clinic your out-of-pocket costs.

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